HMCS Yukon Wreck

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This 6x9 inch laminated card features the details of the HMCS Yukon wreck off the California coast on side 1 and the kelp creatures on side 2. This card is laminated, waterproof and hole punched for a dive lanyard.

The HMCS Yukon was a Mackenzie-class destroyer that served in the Royal Canadian Navy and later the Canadian Forces. She was the first Canadian naval unit to carry the name. She was named for the Yukon River that runs from British Columbia through Yukon and into Alaska.

She entered service in 1963 and primarily used as a training ship on the West coast. She was decommissioned  in 1993 and sold for use as an artificial reef and sunk as such off San Diego, Mission Bay in 2000.

Be cautious diving as this wreck has been responsible for at least 5 deaths.