Chuuk (Truk) Lagoon Dive Guide & Operation Hailstone History Map

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This 18.5 x 26 inch folded map shows the historic Truk (Chuuk) Lagoon with a map on one side and a historic guide to the lagoon on side 2. This map is waterproof and printed in the United States

Side One is a map of Chuuk with dive sites and wrecks located and named with detaied descriptions. There is a blow-up map of the lagoon and the islands of Weno, Tonoas, Fefen, Parem, Totiw, Siis and Uman. There are locations and illustrations of 13 wrecks.

Side Two is a an historical account of Operation Hailstone, February 17-18, 1944, the battle that resulted in the wrecks we dive today. There are diagrammatic illustrations and descriptions of the ships and Japanese aircraft sunk in the lagoon, and a locator map. If you have any interest in WW II Pacific battles, you will find this account and the descriptions fascinating.