Bermuda Adventure & Dive Guide Map

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This is a waterproof recreational map for scuba divers, snorkelers, explorers, tourists and everyone who loves Bermuda. It's a map and guidebook all in one!

Side One is a guide map of Bermuda's beaches, snorkeling and dive sites, golf, historic and scenic sites...what to see and do. There are street map insets of Hamilton and St. George's. Guide text on activities and points of interest.

Side Two is a map of "The World's Best Shipwreck Diving." It has locations and detailed descriptions of key wrecks and other dive sites, a complete list of wrecks, and illustrations of many of the colorful reef creatures found in Bermuda's waters.

18.5” x 26”, folded to a convenient 4.5” x 9” and printed on waterproof, rip-resistant synthetic stock.